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Film 4 - Racial Profiling

The story of Adriel Cordero shows the impact to the individual and the family in a violent police encounter beyond what we see in the bodycam videos we’re used to seeing on the news. The vague and often-times invented charge, “resisting arrest without violence,” exposes a troubling end result of racial profiling before an arrest. Adriel shares his story hoping that it will help inform others about this charge and its potential consequences.

Director: Jonathan DeCamps

Featured Interviews:

  • Adriel Cordero
  • Grisell Chévere, Adriel’s mother
  • Samantha Gómez, Adriel’s fiancé
  • Domingo Cordero, Adriel’s father
  • Kira Romero-Craft, Managing attorney, South East, LatinoJustice
  • Alisia Adamson-Profit, Criminal Defense attorney


“This made me realize the system we live in, these officers are supposed to be protecting us but quite often we’re very afraid of them because of what they do.”

- Adriel Cordero

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