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Film 6 - Crimmigration

A mini-documentary examining the world of immigrants, which follows Alejandra Pablos as she fights the immigration enforcement system and challenges our notions of what it means for a human being to be fully free. The film tells the story of how the U.S. government created the deportation machine by intertwining criminal laws in the context of immigration enforcement. It raises questions of our own attitudes toward those targeted by police and how that may pave the way for mass criminalization and deportation of immigrants in the country as we see it today.

Directors: Justine García & Mike Cassidy

Featured Interviews:

  • Alejandra Pablos, Human Rights Organizer
  • Jacinta González, Senior Campaign Organizer, Mijente
  • Viridiana Hernández, Executive Director, PODER
  • Jovana Rentería, Legal Director, Puente Human Rights Movement
  • María Castro, Community Organizer, Puente Human Rights Movement


“Being at Eloy [Detention Center] opened up my eyes to a whole world of systemic injustice, and the people that are there are not the people they keep talking about they are incarcerating.”

– Alejandra Pablos

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